CoreWorks can design, fabricate, and deliver skids that meet your project needs and specifications.

Our engineers and technicians work diligently with our clients to fully understand the project specifications and other requirements.

The typical process skid or modular system will include procurement, fabrication and installation of columns, reactors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, control valves, pumps and other types of process equipment mounted within an open steel frame structure. The structural frame provides equipment supports and ability for the equipment to be shipped to site and set in place for installation. In addition to housing process equipment, many modular skids have interconnecting piping, instrumentation and electrical, insulation and surface coating requirements.

Prior to shipment, a factory testing program is often completed on all components in accordance with the project specifications. CoreWorks compiles all technical, materials, testing and other quality documentation for each skid produced. We have robust systems in place to ensure all project specifications, customer requirements and expectations are met.

Process Skids

  • Engineer, Procure and Fabricate (EPF) Solutions for modular process skids
  • Designs – Engineered by CoreWorks or support Build to Print
  • Design Codes - ASME B31.3 piping, ASME VIII, Div.1 vessels. Other project specific and international codes and standards
  • Gas Conditioning skids
  • Mixed Refrigerant System skids
  • Deaerator skids
  • Condensate skids
  • Injection skids
  • Compressor/Motor Skids
  • Custom skids for debottlenecking and other applications  


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