Cold Boxes & Manifold Assemblies 

CoreWorks Cold Box and Assemblies are excellent solutions for integrated equipment that perform to your exacting standards. Being custom fabricated in our US facility, every Cold Box and Assembly Unit is built for ease of installation, smooth shipping and long-lasting performance.

The Cold Box is a custom-designed structure that permanently houses, supports, and protects internal equipment such as heat exchanger(s), vessels, piping, and other equipment. The interior is continuously purged with dry nitrogen gas and maintained at a slight positive pressure for safe and reliable operation. Our Cold Boxes are made tough with excellent field protection and superior insulation performance.

CoreWorks Cold Boxes and Assemblies are completely shop fabricated and thoroughly tested prior to shipping. When you’re ready, all equipment is packed and transported to the job site for final installation.

Advantages of the CoreWorks Cold Box:

  • Ease of equipment installation greatly reduces the cost and time associated with on-site field construction. CoreWorks Cold Boxes are built to get to work quickly and easily. Upon arrival the equipment can be quickly turned upright, set on the foundation, piped up, insulated, and becomes "ready to operate."
  • No additional support structure is required.
  • All CoreWorks Cold Box systems include superior insulation compared to mechanical insulation solutions.
  • Interconnecting piping between the internal equipment and components is welded in place. This eliminates flange pairs, threaded connections, field piping, and the expense of mechanically insulating interconnecting pipes.
  • Our Cold Boxes include a nitrogen purge system designed to keep the insulation dry while providing effective early-warning hydrocarbon leak detection.
  • Our systems provide excellent protection of equipment and extra insulation against external influences like rain, snow, wind, etc. 

CoreWorks Cold Boxes and Assemblies
Cold Box Illustration Labeled

1. Perlite Fill Connections 
2. Breather Valve
3. Roof (Safety Plate) 
4. Emergency Vent Manway
5. Lifting Lugs 
6. Side Panels 
7. BAHX and other Process Equipment
8. Flexible Nozzle Close Out  
9. Perlite Drain Connection 
10. Manway
11. Floor Panels 
12. N2 Purge
13. Nameplates

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Product Applications 

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Natural Gas Processing (NGP), Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU), Landfill Gas Processing (LFG), Ethylene Separation Systems, Propane/Butane Dehydrogenation (PDH/BDH), Industrial Gas/Air Separation (IG)

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Superior Protection and Insulation

Carbon steel casing structure supports heat exchangers, piping, and other related cryogenic equipment and insulation material in an inert atmosphere.

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Codes and Standards 


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