Plate-fin Kettle (PFK)

Plate-fin Kettle: The Benefits of CryoCore® in a Compact Design.

Compact Configuration • Specially Configured CryoCore® • Low Equipment & Operating Costs • Multi-service Capability

Custom-designed cryogenic heat exchangers, optimized for your processing needs.

Plate-fin Kettle Exchangers

The CoreWorks custom-designed Plate-fin Kettle (PFK) exploits all the benefits of a CryoCore® brazed aluminum heat exchanger (BAHX) and integrates it into a kettle reboiler design. The PFK provides a compact configuration, custom construction options, and higher performance than traditional shell-and-tube exchangers and thermosyphon assemblies.

The CoreWorks Plate-Fin Kettle (PFK)

Powered by CryoCore®

CryoWorks Plat-Fin in Kettle (PFK)

A specially configured CryoCore (Plate-Fin) is partially submerged in a refrigerant bath. The vessel is sized to control liquid entrainment and carryover. For the most demanding applications, mist eliminators can be utilized to limit entrainment even further.

Design Temperatures

-454F (-234C) to 400F (204C)

Design Pressure Ranges

1,400 psig (97 barg) – Shell Side
2,000 psig (138 barg) – CryoCore® Side

Product Applications

Gas Processing, Ethylene Separation, Fractionation, Refrigeration Systems


Evaporators, condensers, and reboilers

The compact CryoCore® makes it possible for PFKs to integrate multiple services into one shell, eliminating the need for additional interconnecting piping and potentially leaky mechanical joints. CoreWorks can also supply CryoCore® units to replace existing tube bundles offering a potential debottlenecking of processes currently using shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

CoreWorks engineers design and manufacture your PFK from a variety of materials depending on your project specifications. Options for materials of construction include carbon steel, low-temperature carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. In many cases, aluminum designs allow for a significantly smaller and more cost-effective solutions.

Compact PFK designs reduce total equipment and installation costs, liquid inventory, insulation requirements, plot-plan space, and support structure or foundations. The higher thermal efficiency provides lower horsepower requirements, leading to reduced operating costs.


CoreWorks Platefin Kettles (PFK) make a significant difference in a variety of applications, including gas processing, ethylene separation, fractionation, and refrigeration systems. Talk to an experienced, local CoreWorks engineer to find out how your project may benefit from using a Platefin Kettle (PFK) powered by CryoCore®.