Plate-fin Kettle Exchangers

The CoreWorks custom-designed Plate-fin Kettle (PFK) exploits all the benefits of a CryoCore® brazed aluminum heat exchanger (BAHX) and integrates it into a kettle reboiler design. The PFK provides a compact configuration, custom construction options, and higher performance than traditional shell-and-tube exchangers and thermosyphon assemblies.

PFKs will often be be 60-80% smaller than shell and tube exchangers for  similar services. Tighter minimum approach temperatures will improve overall process efficiencies and total cost of ownership as well. 

CoreWorks Plate-fin Kettle (PFK)
Plate-fin Kettle Heat Exchanger Illustration Labeled

A specially configured CryoCore (BAHX) is partially submerged in a refrigerant bath. The vessel is sized to minimize liquid entrainment and carryover. For the most demanding applications, mist eliminators can be utilized to limit entrainment even further.

Temperature Range Icon
Design Temperatures 

 -454°F (-270°C) to 400°F (204°C)

Minimul Approach Temperatures 

 Down to 1-2°C

Design Pressure Ranges Icon
Design Pressure Ranges 

1,400 psig (97 barg) – Shell Side
2,000 psig (138 barg) – CryoCore® Side

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Product Applications 

Gas Processing, Ethylene Separation, Fractionation, Refrigeration Systems

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 Evaporators, condensers, and reboilers

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